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Video BD

This is our third most popular deliverable with video. The high definition Blu-ray (BD) was invented in the 2000s after the adaptation of high definition. It is still widely used. Our packaging is just like movie discs one would get from Target or BestBuy.  

Arlington national cemetery Blu-Ray DVD | Arlington videography | Arlington media, inc.
Video Blu-ray Case
Arlington National Cemetery Blu-Ray Video DVD | Arlington Media, inc.

First, we load all the 4K video clips from all the cameras on to a specialized powerful computer.

This computer creates proxies that makes editing easier and quicker. Also, on every service, we capture more than just video and audio. We also take notes of service details like transfer location, assigned Arlington representatives and chaplains, section number, grave location and weather conditions. We use this information for the customized titles on your video.

Then, we edit and render your video

Video editing is an art form. It can take a few hours to a few days to get it just right. We have to get all the cameras and audio recorders synced up, color balanced and corrected. We then render several different versions and sizes for DVD, Blu-rays, USBs and online versions. On average we make six different versions for each service.

Behind The Scenes


Take a quick peek at what goes on in our editing suites

Next, we create a video Blu-ray master

This is where we create all the elements that go in to a BD, like menus, and additional clips like the changing of the guard. Grave location and military branch and rank are also on the main menu. There are links to all the different parts of the service and this allows you to quickly jump to any part of the service, like the firing party or taps. This menu will seem familiar to anyone who has used a set top BD player plugged in to a television.  

Finally, we print and burn your loved ones disc and sleeve.

This is the final stage of fulfillment before shipping. We have two specialized professional, full CMYK color thermal printers, that print directly to the disc using a wax resin ribbon that permanently applies our custom image to the surface of the disc. Thermal printing is the best option for professional looking DVDs and Blu-rays. The indelible print makes the disc durable and is ultra-sharp as it’s printed at over 600dpi.  This printing process is perfect for professional quality, small jobs with only one or two copies that look just like a disc from Disney or Sony pictures.

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