Full Honors Only


Full Honors Video Only
$ 695
  • The ultra high definition 4K digitally mastered DVD or Blu-ray is designed to ensure the best possible viewing experience, complete with an interactive menu and extras – including a ten-minute video of the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns.

    Our acquisition and editing practices meet and exceed the production requirements of broadcast companies likeNational Geographic, BBC HD and Discovery HD. Our video packages include at least two professional broadcast-quality ultra high-definition 4K Sony cameras (Not Go-Pros). The USB thumb drive and the on line video file is in ultra high definition 4K and a great option for modern computers without an optical drive.

    We will provide you with one of the following:

    A custom printed personalized interactive DVD or Blu-ray disc;

    OR a USB thumb drive;

    OR one year online private video link.

    One item is included, additional items are available as add-ons at $35 each
  • Your video DVD disc, Blu-ray disc, and USB thumb drive will NOT be copy protected, so you can make your own copies.
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Video Online
Video USB

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